And we’re back…

I’m sure you want to hear all about our new house (you will hear about it soon!  I promise!  Really!) but instead you are going to hear about the birthday boy. 

 (not at all nervous on the first day of first grade – going to a new school – he takes it all in stride)


He’s almost 6 you know.  Counting down the days (5 to go – 5 more days of being 5).  Since his party at CHUCK E CHEESE (or as we affectionately have called it since Edison was a wee one and was begging to go to Chuck E JESUS)  LAST year Edison has been mentioning how great it will be THIS year when he has his party there again.  We pretty much ignored his chatter (all year!) and let him prattle on about what games he will play at his Birthday Party and so forth.  Until I realized he told his ENTIRE class in his new school that he was having a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and they were ALL invited.   Ummmmm…wha?  When I said, “Uh, Daddy and I never SAID that you were actually having a party at Chuck E Cheese this year”  E replied with “Well, LAST year when we were leaving the party I asked Dad if we could have my party there again THIS year and he said ‘We’ll See’ and ‘We’ll See’ doesn’t mean NO, does it?”  No, mom replies, it means MAYBE yes, but MAYBE no – but the problem now is that if the party doesn’t happen your friends will think that you told them a lie and that will make them sad (also, I am thinking but NOT saying to him that it will make him the NEW kid AND the LIAR).  So E is thoughtful for a minute and says, “OK.  Well I’ll go back to school and say to my friends, “I’m sorry, but I am MAYBE having a party at Chuck E Cheese”  He was so upbeat and unphased!


Well, after that, who could say NO to a party where all I have to do is show up and pay a lot of money???  No cleanup involved.  That is worth its weight in GOLD I tell you.  Especially while I am still unpacking.

However, Edison’s birthday extravaganza is turning out to be a bit of a bust.  We invited his entire class to Chuck E Cheese (19 kids including Edison) and only 2 responded yes.  11 didn’t even respond and the rest were “no” b/c of prior plans.  I got to talk to lots of nice moms on the phone, but we were hoping for a little bit better of a turnout.  At least his “best” friend (in the first week and a half of school- ha ha) Zeph is coming.  [I thought that he was an imaginary friend for a while because of a class list mix-up but he is real after all].   Another little boy named Ripley will be coming, but a little late.  Edison, Ripley and Zeph!  What names, huh?  Today was supposed to be the cutoff for RSVP-ing but I really do hope people still call if they want to come because we don’t even have enough kids to have an “official” birthday party through Chuck E (4 kids minimum).  We can still have a party there – just Chuck E Cheese won’t necessarily sing to him.  Although we did go there for his friend Ethan’s birthday last year (just Edison and Ethan) and Edison was brave enough to walk over to the giant stuffed rodent and ask him to sing to Ethan.  Of course he didn’t sing (because his mouth doesn’t move in the big costume), but he did wave a lot at us.  Edison was a little offended by the mouse’s manners.  We are taught to answer when spoken to.  But I digress…


Look Closely to see Claudia’s shiner on her left eye.  She got a real live certified goose egg.  It’s all better now.  🙂


Maybe a house update tomorrow?

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by tara on September 17, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    claudia can be guest #4 “officially”!

    glad your safe and sound and that the big first grader is off to a grand start! someday our big guys need to meet, they’d be quite a pair.


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