one of those mornings


While cleaning poop from the tub (the most relaxed place for Claudia apparently) I heard a crash in the kitchen.  She had climbed onto the table and threw my OVERSIZED (and full) coffee mug to the floor.  There is now still poop in the tub and coffee on the floor, the chairs, splashed up under the table, on her giant Curious George pillow, all in a box and all over my address book.  There is none in my mouth.  😦  Thankfully, it was cold because I poured it before her bath…the one that she p00ped in.  Oh yeah, that’s the one.  She is now clean (again) and in her crib where she fell peacefully asleep.  I am now headed for a little extra cleanup before unpacking begins again.  But first, I think I’ll pour another cup of coffee.


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