Party Party Party

                    Our Chuck E Cheese party was not too painful (except to the checkbook).  We came home by 12:30 and I was all like, Hey, I don’t have anything to do.  FANTASTIC – I am excited.  Garrison’s grandma sent Edison 100 dollars (!!!!  to a 6 year old???) for a shopping spree.  MY DREAM AS A CHILD!  (Wait – that still sounds like a good dream to me.  My DREAM AS AN ADULT!)  Anyway we let him get a Leapster (a video game disguised as a learning system) and he has been silent all afternoon.  Frying his brain.  We can feel better about ourselves as parents by saying that he is, er, learning something….right?  I will have to set up some rules/limitations on this thing, but I think I’ll wait until his birthday weekend is over.  I’m lazy good like that.
The rocket ship cake was a big hit.  Especially when we lit the candles and the rocket looked like it was BURNING UP into the atmosphere.  Extremely exciting to 6 year old boys.  So exciting, in fact that they all LEANED IN and blew them out.  Poor Edison didn’t get to, you know, make a wish or anything like that.  But there’s always tomorrow (his ACTUAL birth date).  So I’ll put a big old candle on a leftover slab of fuselage or whatever cake-iness is left over.  I think I may go make some coffee and do some more damage on that chocolatey confection.
I wish I had some better pictures, but, the lighting in Chuck E Cheese was not really conducive to good photograpy.  Can you believe that?  😉  The cake was chocolate with extra choc chunks thrown in for good measure.  The “earth” was a banana nut muffin top drenched in frosting.  Yum.  One boy was very excited that he got to eat THE WHOLE WORLD…. hahahahahahahahahahahaha….evil 6 year old villain laugh. 

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