And then he was 6

Dear Edison,


Can you believe it was 6 years ago today that you came boldly into this world?  Of course, you took your time – being nearly 3 weeks “overdue” – but once you arrived you were full speed ahead!  Dad & I are so proud of your sweet unselfish ways – the way that you are always looking out for Claudia and preferring her.  You are a good friend and love people deeply.  You are helpful and always look on the bright side.  We rarely ever hear you complain.   Your 5th year of life was a big one!  Losing your first 2 teeth.  Traveling to Wyoming.  Going to (and FINISHING) kindergarten.  Learning to ride a bike.  Learning to read chapter books.   Moving to a new house.  Starting first grade in a New School.  Making lots of new friends.


So here is a toast to your 6th year!  May it be full of wonder and surprises.  And may your brain not get fried from the video games you always want to play.


I love you,


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