It once was lost, but now is found



This is Claudia’s blanket.  It goes EVERYWHERE with us – to the bus stop in the mornings (and the afternoons!), to the store, to the kitchen, and of course to nap time.  At any given moment in the day I may look over to see Claudia walking around wrapped up tight in her blanket.  She LOVES this blanket.  It is a hand-me-down blanket that was lovingly handmade – sweet little birds quilted on one side backed by a vintage care bear fabric. 


Last night I took Edison and Claudia on a long walk through an unfamiliar part of Saratoga.  We walked and walked and walked and walked – up one street, down another, meandering through business and residential areas.  We headed back to the car (we were right “in town” to go to an appointment that we were early for) and I put Claudia in her carseat and realized – THE BLANKET WAS GONE!!!!  Missing!  Now, I needed to remember EXACTLY which streets I wandered through and we prayed (LITERALLY) that we would find this blanket.  Claudia will sometimes see the blanket laying on the floor in the living room where she has dropped it and throw herself on it LAUGHING – she is that much in love with this blanket.  We drove.  SLOWLY.  With cars behind me honking their horns (and probably calling me the least respectable name they could think of!)  but it didn’t matter.  WE HAD TO FIND THE BLANKET.  Finally, we came to a turn and there it was crumpled on the sidewalk – looking sadly abandoned.  I jumped out of the car (more honking and choice words filling the air behind me) and threw it into the backseat with Claudia.  She clapped and laughed and we sped off to our appointment.  Arriving a few minutes late but with a very happy child.


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  1. I am so glad you found the quilt for your little one We lost my son’s bear when he was two and never found him He had a second bear and I remember him telling me “its not the same” but he took real care of the second bear and still has it at now at 23 but it no longer goes everywhere with him!! We lost my other sons quilt when visiting London and there was no way I wanted that sorrow again but luckily a kind soul had found the blanket and folded it neatly and put it atop a post box where we did find it.


  2. Posted by katie jarrett on September 27, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    Dear Kristin,

    I must recommend a book to you and Claudia called “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale” by Mo Willems. He is a wonderful recent author of children’s books, and you would both really identify with the story.

    Love, Katie


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