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Edison & Claudia at Mimi & Pop Pop’s

Just thought I’d share some cute pictures of Edison & Claudia from our trip to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago.


   Mom, I am NOT picking my nose…Just scratching it…


  Claudia playing with toys that were mine when I was her age…



Almost away from Carlisle…another Goat post

Ready for this one? 


You’d better sit down. 


Oh yeah, you’re at your computer, you are probably sitting down.


Well, let’s begin then, shall we?  On Monday we received a frantic call from our lawyer – can you close earlier than the end of the month? (heck yeah!) The buyers’ bank is going out of business BUT they are still giving out the promised loans until the end of the week.  So a flurry of activity and juggling & we get the remaining junk out of the old house (empty boxes, deep fryer, things of that nature). 

The walk through is supposed to happen on Tuesday at 3:00, but there is a radon test happening that doesn’t end until 2:00 so we can’t go into the house until then.  So Claudia and I show up at the house at 2:00 to be greeted by the welcome committee on the driveway. 

 2 of them were quite, er, amorous with each other…


Anywhooooo, I vacuum up dead flies (gross) and get the leftover towels from the bathrooms and get rid of a dead mouse (even MORE gross) and finally head out of there at about 3:20.  No buyers to be seen for a walk-through, but that isn’t my responsibility so I start the long journey home to Saratoga Springs.


A few hours later we get a call.  The bank has just officially gone out of business.  On Tuesday.  Completely out of money.  No loan at all for our buyers.  They are now scrambling to get a loan somewhere else (please please please please please let this happen!)


Oh, AND I also learned that there is a female british voice that will wake you up if there is carbon monoxide in the house in Saratoga.  I really thought I was James Jane Bond for a moment.  “Warning.  [beep beep beep beep]  Wahrning.  Carbon Monoxide Alert.  [beep beep beep]”  I was waiting to hear “this house will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…”  Don’t worry.  I have fought off the colorless odorless gas and I HAVE WON!  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. [villianous laugh]  I am a superhero.…



A little Fall Redecorating…

  Please mom, please let me go outside – I see something I need to fix IMMEDIATELY…


Time to move this chair….over here I think…

       hmmm…something’s still not quite right…


   I think folded and upside down is DEFINITELY the answer.

  All Better, now let’s tackle that Laundry behind me.

1st grade Homework assignments

 I love this one because the assignment was to write your first name, your last name a “describing” word and something you buy at the grocery store – then draw a picture.  Edison chose “yummy apples” – this was better than salty Doritos…or something like that.  🙂

   This one is phonetic spelling in all of its glory  “tha are alike bacs tha are both lifing things”  Pretty good answer to “how are a tree and bear alike?”.  I think I would have had some trouble coming up with an answer to that question.  Maybe I should go back to the 1st grade.  Keep it simple.

[you can click on the pictures to see them in better detail]

This is why I can’t seem to lose the baby weight…


Pecan Banana Bread AND a Pear & Apple whole wheat crust tart



Bon Appetit!

What I did while watching the Vice Presidential Debates…

I made a Wall-E curtain to match Edison’s Wall-E bedding…(I never thought I would buy him “character” bedding, but you make certain compromises when you’re in love, don’t you?) 


And then a little Eva pillow with the leftover fabric.


I went stealthily into his room after I was done sewing, to hang the curtain while he was sleeping, for a fun morning surprise.  He was pretty excited this morning, but concerned because now the sun wasn’t so bright in his eyes.  How will I be able to wake up so early now, mom?