My Birthday at the Circus ;-)

My sweet friend Karen volunteered to babysit our children so that Garrison and I could get a night out on the town for my 33rd birthday.  She ended up only needing to watch Claudia because Edison went to his first SLEEPOVER birthday party at his friend Ripley’s house…camping theme, tents in the living room, lots of hyper 6 year old boys…God bless those parents…


Anyway, Garrison and I decided to just walk down the main street of Saratoga and see what struck our fancy for dinner.  As we walked past the Prudential Realty building, I looked over and saw our CARLISLE house on the big screen tv advertising in their window.  Weird but very fun to see.  🙂  Which leads me off of the birthday topic, to our big announcement – we got the call yesterday afternoon that the Carlisle house is CLOSING TODAY at 4:30 p.m.  — hopefully THIS bank won’t go out of business before then.   Fingers crossed, salt over the shoulder, don’t walk under a ladder, don’t look cross-eyed at a black cat with a hump, and all of that good stuff….


Back to my birthday (it’s all about me, right?) – we ended up going to the first restaurant we came to because it started to pour and so that one looked JUST FINE.  It was called the CIRCUS CAFE – and their menus state that their hamburgers were voted #1 in the city.  So, of course that is what we ordered.  They were good, but what I really LOVED were the sweet potato fries.  Yum-ME  (about me again -ha).  We were too stuffed to order the cotton candy for dessert, but it did look great.  In that lovely shade of sky happy blue.


After dinner we went to A.C.Moore (yippee a craft store!  With No children in tow!  THAT was a birthday treat to be sure! and Garrison didn’t complain about the smell of potpourri in there even ONCE!), then to Starbucks for coffee (Jill, I thought of you!)  and then to see the new James Bond flick.

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