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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!! christmas-party-035


We had a nice Christmas day & now I am taking a few moments to enjoy the quiet of the evening.  🙂  We started off the day by going to a church in Cambridge NY where I have been playing the organ occasionally.  It was a good start to the day – a great way to reflect on the reason of our celebration!  Then it was home for PRESENTS!  Edison loved his scarf and put it on right away.

christmas-party-028  christmas-party-036 

His other favorite gifts were a “build a bear” that you make at home that comes with a Spiderman costume (very cool) and a Super Mario Slot Car Racetrack set.  Claudia loved her new doll with snap on clothes and hair that you can comb (!) and her Dora the Explorer Backpack!

christmas-party-032 christmas-party-034  christmas-party-043  christmas-party-044 

This is how she looked for a large portion of the Christmas festivities…doll, hat, backpack… 



Time Wasters for the holiday season and beyond…

This site is a great way to waste time and feel good about it.


Seriously, go do it…

10 days…

Claudia has been getting great giggles out of us taking pictures of ourselves and then her looking at them through the LCD screen.  “mommy?  Baby?  Mommy?  Baby???”  This is both amazing and hysterical to her that we can be on this tiny little screen on the back of my camera.  Here are some shots of me with, well, mini-me.

christmas-0261  christmas-030


christmas-043  christmas-044

Only 10 more days until Christmas and I really should be doing something more productive than these self-portraits.  Can anyone say, Procrastination????

Gingerbread Cottage

This was the first year that we tried to make a gingerbread house at home.  I don’t think any of us really had the patience for it.  Shockingly, it is still standing….



And after taste testing the candies that we were using, both kids decided we picked gross ones, so no one is picking anything off of it.  🙂


Some of the gumdrops did slide down a bit…oops.  Messy, but fun.  Most definitely not our finest artistic achievement.  But we are all thrilled it has not collapsed.

Ho Ho Ho…A Decoratin’ we did go

Tis the season for lots of sparkle and lights…The kids and I have been spending a lot of time decorating the house for Christmas.  I got in a decorating rut in our last house – putting the same things in the same places every year.  But this year?  A new house?  Where should the tree go?  Where can this garland go?  Where should the pink tinsel tree go?  Ah, Decisions to be made.  Good thing I’ve got Edison ready to help.  We decorated the tree and Claudia promptly UN-decorated the whole bottom of the tree and used those ornaments to decorate everything else in the house.  🙂 


Notice the empty-ish Bottom half of the tree….


Oh deer…..I sure do love me a flocked reindeer….Soft and fuzzy and so reminiscent of my childhood.



good use of a potrack, eh?

Nate Berkus would be proud…

Since governmental cabinets are currently getting ready to change, I thought I’d celebrate democracy by painting my own cabinets.  You know, when people tell you that painting cabinets is a horrible job, you can believe them.  I tested it out.  Yep, hard work.  I spent 3 full days into the wee hours of the night (mornings?) changing the kitchen cabinets from the color of cat vomit to a much nicer modern black.  I am sooooooo thrilled though with the change.  My red appliances no longer clash with the fleshy cabinets.  And I no longer feel like I need pepto-bismal while working in the kitchen….

Here’s a shot of the aforementioned cat-vomit colored cabbies…


And Then……………………


After……[and some more shots of the after….]


Next up in the kitchen (after Christmas!) is to retile the floor and paint the walls.  But for now I am just going to sit back and enjoy the cabinets…

homemade christmas part ii

A quilt!  You can probably guess who this is for, and since she can’t read I’m not too worried about her seeing this post…  🙂   I made the top of the quilt and then decided that some of the squares were just Screaming to be embroidered, so a-stitchin’-away I did go.  Ho ho ho.  After some houses, birds, trees, and music notes were added I decided I better get to tying the dang thing off if I wanted it to be finished by Christmas.  It may end up being a birthday gift if I don’t get my act together here AND Quick!

blog-117            quilt  

It’s the size of a toddler bed and the back is a green stripey flannel.  Soft.    I wish my name was Claudia, I’d think about keeping it for myself…

quilt2   blog-119    

                                                                                Of course it needed some SongBirds!