Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!! christmas-party-035


We had a nice Christmas day & now I am taking a few moments to enjoy the quiet of the evening.  🙂  We started off the day by going to a church in Cambridge NY where I have been playing the organ occasionally.  It was a good start to the day – a great way to reflect on the reason of our celebration!  Then it was home for PRESENTS!  Edison loved his scarf and put it on right away.

christmas-party-028  christmas-party-036 

His other favorite gifts were a “build a bear” that you make at home that comes with a Spiderman costume (very cool) and a Super Mario Slot Car Racetrack set.  Claudia loved her new doll with snap on clothes and hair that you can comb (!) and her Dora the Explorer Backpack!

christmas-party-032 christmas-party-034  christmas-party-043  christmas-party-044 

This is how she looked for a large portion of the Christmas festivities…doll, hat, backpack… 



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