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sibling love

Hello Everyone!  Yes, we are still here!  I’ve just been slow in the blogging arena.  🙂  We’ve been hibernating a bit this winter – trying to stay warm and enjoying each other and our little home.


The other night after the kids had their bath, Edison wanted to help get Claudia ready for bed, so as a “surprise” for me he got her all decked out in HIS pjs – including a pair of Speed Racer underwear!  (good thing they were shorts or she would have had trouble walking!)  Claudia LOVED every minute of it.

eba-006  eba-004  eba-002

Oh boy, and does she ever need her first haircut!  I just can’t bring myself to do it yet….


Tonight Edison is sleeping in his sleeping bag on the floor of her room.  I could hear them giggling for a LONG time after we said our prayers and turned out the lights.  They adore each other….In fact, a few weeks ago Edison said to me “I would like to marry Claudia when I grow up, but I know that I can’t because she’ll be too young.” 

Well, that and other things….haha


adding the fun in Monday…

What to do when there is no school on a Monday and it’s cold outside and we’re all feeling a bit lazy snuggly and stay at home-ish and wanting to play with new friends….

Make your own friends!!!  Here are some of our fingerpuppet animal aliens…

blog-129 blog-1301

Checking themselves out in the mirror….


She works hard for the money

OK, so in the spirit of trying to make a living whilst still being a stay at home mom, I FINALLY got around to listing some of my jewelry onto my Etsy shop (as opposed to just buying things on Etsy, maybe now I’ll sell a few things).  Handmade greeting cards to be listed soon, but the kiddos are a’calling and so I must stop for now….

But here is a preview of what is listed…and if you want to see it all, head on over to My shop’s name is “jumpCricket” 

etsy-001  etsy-016


Oh and I got my first phone call inquiry about piano lessons – hooray!  No definite student yet, because they didn’t have an instrument to practice on – so I advised them where to look for a piano and they are going to search and give me a call back once they get one!   Keeping my fingers crossed…the first student is always the most difficult to come by.

Fliers and Bookstores

Today, Claudia and I took to the streets of Saratoga and hung up my fliers anywhere that people would take them.  Hopefully now I will start to get some students.

flier [Do you like the “white out” I found on Adobe photoshop?  I really should learn how to use that properly!   Not that I think anyone who reads this blog is going to stalk me or anything….but I just figured I better cover up the address…although now these fliers are all over town so it doesn’t really matter that much.]    



Completely unrelated topic…someone gave me a Barnes & Noble giftcard for Christmas (thank you and you know who you are) and I decided to go in with Claudia and spend it [as it was burning a hole in my pocket and also some of you know how Claudia likes to get into my wallet and steal things…getting ready for the teenage years, I guess].   Anywhoooo, I went straight to the craft section (of course) and then had the difficult decision of WHICH book(s) I would choose.  I browsed and browsed and finally got my choices down to 3 when I smelled the most foul smell…the most horrible baby/toddler poop imaginable.  Yes, it was my darling cute Claudia.   Needless to say, we cleared out the craft aisle.  And it reminded me of this strange phenomenon…when we lived in Schoharie County there was this fantastic used bookstore that I used to LOVE to go into.  However, when Edison was an infant/toddler, EVERY SINGLE time that we would go in there he would immediately unload something nasty smelling into his diaper.  Every time.  Without fail.  Now it appears as though Claudia has the same reaction to bookstores.  Seems like the kids are going to grow up to be people who read while using the toilet…something about being around all of those books is relaxing to them…


Here are the books I chose – Bend the Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol has been on my “wishlist” for a LONG time…and then I ran into “sweater surgery” and loved the projects in there.


Another Birthday…and then she was TWO

I was a total blogging slacker over this holiday break.  We did a lot of “hanging out” with friends and family, and I did a lot of staying home in my sweatpants.  🙂  The best kind of holiday celebrating! 

Claudia turned 2 on the 2nd and we had a winter garden party – complete with a flower cake and picnicky foods.  For some reason, I didn’t really get my camera out during the party much – including my video camera and so I sadly missed her blowing out (spitting on!) the candles and other cute excited moments.  Ooops.  But I did get a few shots in there…

birthdayc-003 cake before sprinkles & after birthdayc-004


The Birthday Girl…birthdayc-013..seriously, the ONLY picture I took of her that night…


We had a great time, though, surrounded by friends who love us and make us all laugh.


Edison spent most of the night playing his new wii with his friend Josh birthdayc-012

Edison’s Christmas Party – 1st Grade

A few days before Christmas, Edison had his Christmas party at school.  Claudia and I were asked to come in to “help” out.  The parents of one of the children are professional ballroom dancers and they taught the kids some basic swing dancing moves.  It was cute when they were asked to pick a partner all of the boys ran to other boys and all of the girls ran to other girls. 


The blonde in the picture is Ms Brown, his teacher that he came home on the first day from school and said “mom, you’ll never guess what, but my teacher is a teenager!!!! 

christmas-party-004  christmas-party-005

Claudia got so interested in Edison’s art supplies in his desk that she couldn’t be bothered with the dancers.

christmas-party-010  christmas-party-012


However, she did put them away once the snacks were handed out…

christmas-party-016  christmas-party-024