Edison’s Christmas Party – 1st Grade

A few days before Christmas, Edison had his Christmas party at school.  Claudia and I were asked to come in to “help” out.  The parents of one of the children are professional ballroom dancers and they taught the kids some basic swing dancing moves.  It was cute when they were asked to pick a partner all of the boys ran to other boys and all of the girls ran to other girls. 


The blonde in the picture is Ms Brown, his teacher that he came home on the first day from school and said “mom, you’ll never guess what, but my teacher is a teenager!!!! 

christmas-party-004  christmas-party-005

Claudia got so interested in Edison’s art supplies in his desk that she couldn’t be bothered with the dancers.

christmas-party-010  christmas-party-012


However, she did put them away once the snacks were handed out…

christmas-party-016  christmas-party-024

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