She works hard for the money

OK, so in the spirit of trying to make a living whilst still being a stay at home mom, I FINALLY got around to listing some of my jewelry onto my Etsy shop (as opposed to just buying things on Etsy, maybe now I’ll sell a few things).  Handmade greeting cards to be listed soon, but the kiddos are a’calling and so I must stop for now….

But here is a preview of what is listed…and if you want to see it all, head on over to My shop’s name is “jumpCricket” 

etsy-001  etsy-016


Oh and I got my first phone call inquiry about piano lessons – hooray!  No definite student yet, because they didn’t have an instrument to practice on – so I advised them where to look for a piano and they are going to search and give me a call back once they get one!   Keeping my fingers crossed…the first student is always the most difficult to come by.

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  1. Posted by katie on January 12, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    Yay! Hopefully the first of many calls………


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