sibling love

Hello Everyone!  Yes, we are still here!  I’ve just been slow in the blogging arena.  🙂  We’ve been hibernating a bit this winter – trying to stay warm and enjoying each other and our little home.


The other night after the kids had their bath, Edison wanted to help get Claudia ready for bed, so as a “surprise” for me he got her all decked out in HIS pjs – including a pair of Speed Racer underwear!  (good thing they were shorts or she would have had trouble walking!)  Claudia LOVED every minute of it.

eba-006  eba-004  eba-002

Oh boy, and does she ever need her first haircut!  I just can’t bring myself to do it yet….


Tonight Edison is sleeping in his sleeping bag on the floor of her room.  I could hear them giggling for a LONG time after we said our prayers and turned out the lights.  They adore each other….In fact, a few weeks ago Edison said to me “I would like to marry Claudia when I grow up, but I know that I can’t because she’ll be too young.” 

Well, that and other things….haha

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  1. That is the sweetest! I love the whole big brother little sister dynamic. We are lucky enough to have our two really love each other too. Her hair is so cute! I love that wispy baby hair.


  2. OnQ2qf comment1 ,


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