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February Crafting

So, this month’s creative challenge theme over at Mo’s was “gifts for children”.  I have had such a fun time making things (and making messes!) for some of the little people (and soon to arrive little people!) in my life.


First off, I started with this knitted hat.  Which as soon as I finished, Claudia grabbed and declared it  “MINE“, in that classic 2 year old way.  So, out came the knitting needles and I quickly knitted up hat #2.  I Love this pattern and see many of these hats in my future.



Next came this sweet little Stroller Blanket – Warm Fuzzy Fleece on one side and this darling Romantic cotton print on the front.  I like that the colors aren’t screaming traditional GIRL or BABY.


blog-040 blog-042

Those lovely ladies do seem like they’re having a nice time…


On Valentine’s Day, Edison and I worked on the next project together – Crayon hearts.  My kids hate to use broken crayons, so we save them up until we have enough bits and pieces to melt together into molds.  The hearts were perfect for February.  They’re fun to color with because you never really know what color will land on your paper next!  oooo Surprise Surprise!




I also made a few bibs with scrap fabric that I had – embroidering one of them (because everything is better with a little embroidery, right?)  And those little ladies made an encore appearance…

blog-036 blog-037


And last, but not least, I hand stitched up this little guy while watching a movie last night.  Claudia quickly dubbed him “Twinkle” and added him to her collection of best friends.  I can imagine a little fleet of these to watch over nurseries everywhere.  And So Baby Friendly!


The Full Collection….



Happy Presidents Day

Edison has a man crush. 


This is just a small collection of the pictures he has colored and brought home from school…There are many many many more…

Happy Love Day!

Heart Pancakes with Pink Edible Glitter!  Just what Cupid Ordered…


Happy Children! 





And a Valiant effort to give a good Vulcan “live long and prosper” hand signal.


The other day we were at the post office and Claudia took her winter hat off.  I looked down and noticed a little piece of a cracker in her hair.  I made a remark out loud “Oh Claudia, you have a cracker in your hair!”  and the woman in front of me laughed.  Then I bent over and picked up Claudia’s hat, that she had FILLED with goldfish crackers.  I’m not exactly sure how long she had them stored in there but she had filled the hat and put it on her head by herself. 


Stowing a snack away because we always have to wait in such a long line at the post office?  🙂


Oh, and today I realized her hair is long enough for BRAIDS!  Oh, the simple pleasures of life… 



More winter is a comin’

Happy Belated Groundhog’s day!  I was sad to hear that there was going to be an extra 6 weeks of winter, but we’ll manage.

groundhog1  groundhog 2


One of Claudia’s favorite things to do is put her socks and her shoes on her hands.  I’m not exactly sure why she gets such joy out of this, but she really thinks it is funny.  She however, will NOT wear gloves or mittens outside.  Maybe I should bundle her hands up in socks and shoes when we go out to play in the snow!  hee hee


ebb-013  ebb-014 

You obviously can’t tell from the photos, but she and Edison were dancing their versions of the Robot – you can see Edison’s hand in the first pic.


and more sibling love to celebrate the month of love…we [heart] February!  Lots of Love to Go around!

ebb-015  ebb-016