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I’m having some trouble with my computer/camera cooperating, so I can’t upload all of the fun pics I’ve been taking lately.  But once I get it all straightened out, I promise to do better!


Edison just came into the office (10:45 p.m.) all bleary-eyed and said “But MOM, I wanted to drive!”  You wanted to drive where, honey?  “I wanted to DRIVE there!!!”  Ummm, I think you’re sleeping still, let’s get you back to bed.  “OK, but can I drive there?”  Sure.


Easter at Nonni & Grandpa Jack’s House

We are enjoying the spring weather SoooOOOooooOOOooo much around here.  Spending most of our daylight time outside playing – and raking :/ – and then more playing.  But since Today is a Rainy Day, I thought I’d quickly update the happenings from the last few weeks.


Easter Weekend!

We spent Easter weekend in Rochester with G’s family.  Oh my goodness – it was so much fun!  It included Grandpa Jack bringing home a Bounce House from his rental store, 2 visits to the Strong Museum of Play and, of course, EASTER Baskets! 


Makeshift Easter Basket



sugar happy child


Cloudy with a chance of falling ceiling tiles….


bounce house with a slide!!!

it felt like it was about 20 degrees out, but the kids braved the elements  😉

I think I’ll save the Strong Museum pictures for another post…..

Today’s post brought to you by the Letter X

oh, gee whiz, where did March go????  We seem to have spent a lot of time just waiting for this to melt away…


Under all that snow we found a slide, a hula hoop and a little chair that all weathered the winter outdoors. 


This past week was filled with rehearsals and performances of a local high school’s production of GREASE that Garrison & I were both in the pit for.  It’s always fun to get involved with high school musicals – all the energy of high school students can be catchy.  Which is good, when you have to stay up late into the night and then are still awakened early in the morning by your 6 year old son showing you how Great his Pajamas are!  Super Mario Brothers, Mom!!!  AND it’s Pajama Day!  So I Can Wear them At School!!!!  (Fine, but it is 5:30 in the morning and so I’ll look at them in a few hours….pillow over the head…hoping that sends a clear enough message that I need More Sleep thank you very much!)


Tonight while driving in the car with the kids, Edison & I were singing silly songs and Claudia would LOUDLY start singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over anything we tried to sing.  E & I eventually gave in and started singing along with her.  Changing the lyrics to the alphabet song when we got tired of “how I wonder what you are….”   It reminded me of when Edison was 2 and obsessed with the alphabet song.  He would sing it over and over and fall into a fit of giggles every time he came to the letter X.  Something about the letter X was extremely funny to his 2 year old brain.  I recounted the story to him and after a pause he said, “Now that you mention it, I still think the letter X is funny.”  And now that He mentions it, I guess I kind of find the letter X funny as well….


…and yes, this is a picture of Claudia gnawing through half a loaf of homemade bread.  She laid claim to it in the classic way of little siblings everywhere – grabbing it, licking it and grossing everyone else out to the point of us just saying “you can HAVE it!”