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The Workings of a 2 year old Mind

My children have always been literal in naming their stuffed animals…You may remember Mousie,  Mousie the 2nd , and Mousie the 3rd. 






may17 007

“MeeOww Kitty”

may17 035

“MOUSIE” (the first)

may17 034




may17 038


[who says “Yee Haw!”]


Some Recent Projects

I am getting the painting bug again.  Last weekend I painted the bathroom from Boring White to…

may17 001

may17 005

may17 032may17 008


~~~~~~~~~~~and I recently sent off this little pillow to baby Lucy in Texas (and since I know it has safely arrived there I can put some pics up here!)

may17 056

may17 057

may17 054

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and a new summer dress for little Miss Claudia, who saw the fabric at JoAnn’s and kept saying Pooh?  Pooh dress?  Pooh dress?  So instead of finishing the curtains for the newly painted bathroom, I stitched this up.  The curtains are Almost done….

may17 048

may17 049

may17 052

The man in the Yellow hat

A few weeks back we went to see Curious George at the Bookstore.  Claudia was terrified of him, but Edison thought it was pretty cool and high-fived him.

may17 022

may17 024

Neither one was too impressed with the man in the yellow, er, backwards tan, hat.

may17 028


Claudia spent most of her time as far away from the monkey as possible in the train section. 

may17 027

Strong Museum Of Play

easter-0261While we were in Rochester over Easter weekend we went to the Strong Museum of Play not just Once, but Two Times!  And we didn’t even get close to playing with/seeing the whole place.  Such an amazing place to explore!


Claudia, of course, loved the Sesame Street section (I have to admit, I did too…I got pretty excited to Be INSIDE Elmo’s World…and to see the green 123 Sesame Street door!)



Me and The Count  (Ah ah Ah!!!)




Berenstain Bear Country!!!  🙂easter-021 


Mr. Potato Head

easter-029 easter-028 


Heading Home with Her New Elmo Doll…easter-040