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This is about as scary as I like Halloween to be.  ^-^


still winter

I was hoping that spring was Really Springing, but here we are getting another big round of snow.  Oh well, it’s a good excuse for Butterfinger Hot Chocolate.  Yum.  Although, I couldn’t find it the last time I was at the store…hmmm….maybe that gets phased out when bathing suits are getting phased in!?!?

A few weekends ago G took the kids to a winter festival – sledding in the closed off street, snowball throwing contests, hot chocolate, etc…so that I could have a Day To Myself.  Pure Bliss. 


I had this stack of fabric that I had purchased on a whim – not really knowing what I was going to do with it – calling out to me…I was thinking funky spring skirts at first, but then decided I wanted to see the fabric more often than that. 



I started the day by making these curtains for my craft bookshelf.  In an effort to stay more organized (and so that there aren’t always piles of supplies on my dining room table) I moved this bookshelf into the dining room.  She needed a little dressing up though, no?  So far it is keeping me much more organized, and it makes me happy to see the cheery 70’s like fabric.



Then I went to the movie theater – at noontime – to see a movie, By Myself!  I bought my ticket, my popcorn and my giant soda and went in and picked out a seat to the movie Coraline.  It was a beautiful movie (but would have scared the pants off of my kids – I know it’s supposed to be a kids movie, but yikes (!) kids getting their eyeballs stolen and buttons sewn on instead…).  I was there for about 5 minutes when my phone vibrated (I had turned the sound off like a good movie-goer should!) with a text message that the kids had tired out already and they had all come home at 1:00 instead of 6:00.  So instead of a Whole Day to myself, I got a few hours, but it was still wonderful!

~Here is Claudia modeling the strings of flocked beads that she found on my -not yet organized – shelves…

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Fliers and Bookstores

Today, Claudia and I took to the streets of Saratoga and hung up my fliers anywhere that people would take them.  Hopefully now I will start to get some students.

flier [Do you like the “white out” I found on Adobe photoshop?  I really should learn how to use that properly!   Not that I think anyone who reads this blog is going to stalk me or anything….but I just figured I better cover up the address…although now these fliers are all over town so it doesn’t really matter that much.]    



Completely unrelated topic…someone gave me a Barnes & Noble giftcard for Christmas (thank you and you know who you are) and I decided to go in with Claudia and spend it [as it was burning a hole in my pocket and also some of you know how Claudia likes to get into my wallet and steal things…getting ready for the teenage years, I guess].   Anywhoooo, I went straight to the craft section (of course) and then had the difficult decision of WHICH book(s) I would choose.  I browsed and browsed and finally got my choices down to 3 when I smelled the most foul smell…the most horrible baby/toddler poop imaginable.  Yes, it was my darling cute Claudia.   Needless to say, we cleared out the craft aisle.  And it reminded me of this strange phenomenon…when we lived in Schoharie County there was this fantastic used bookstore that I used to LOVE to go into.  However, when Edison was an infant/toddler, EVERY SINGLE time that we would go in there he would immediately unload something nasty smelling into his diaper.  Every time.  Without fail.  Now it appears as though Claudia has the same reaction to bookstores.  Seems like the kids are going to grow up to be people who read while using the toilet…something about being around all of those books is relaxing to them…


Here are the books I chose – Bend the Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol has been on my “wishlist” for a LONG time…and then I ran into “sweater surgery” and loved the projects in there.


The Hills are Alive…


Oh my goodness.  I could eat these until I was sick.  They are that good.  Shockingly good.   Do you see how many times I have used the word “good”?  It is not enough times to describe their goodness.  Yummmm….good….

So it’s been a crazy week here in the Roberts household.  Garrison & I are both playing in the “pit” for a local high school production of the Sound of Music.  The shows are this weekend and then we’ll be back to a semi-quiet life again.  This week has involved long dress rehearsals, scheduling babysitters, rescheduling piano students to fit in the squashed amount of time I have free between school ending and the rehearsals beginning, etc…So that is maybe why I’ve been eating all of those Ginger Lemon cookies…er, excuse me, English Tea Cookies.  That sounds much more proper and healthy some how. 


e1.jpgStarting off with an update…we had a visit with our pediatrician and Edison has absolutely no hearing in his left ear externally, BUT when a tuning fork was pressed against his forehead he heard it more strongly in his left ear – this is a good sign (cover one ear with your hand and talk – or sing – and the covered ear is the one that hears more clearly inside your head)  so this means that things are probably functioning fine.  He has a lot of fluid in his ear but not really an ear infection.  So we’re just waiting a month and checking up on him again then.  His right ear couldn’t hear any low frequencies – so we’re glad that he is hearing some frequencies at all!!!  And we’re talking a bit louder around here for now. 


This is Claudia’s new favorite spot.  Inside the toy basket.  She REALLY likes her toys.  hee hee  🙂 

c4.jpg  c3.jpg  c2.jpg

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Rachel at this really fantastic place called Bountiful Bread – it is like a more posh Panera Bread.  Well, to  be more specific, I had about 2 full pots of coffee.  Not breakfast.  We got so busy talking that I never ordered anything to eat…and I just kept drinking more and more coffee…yum.  Does it seem like I’m typing really fast tonight?  🙂  Does anyone feel like talking at 3 am?  I’m sure I’ll still be awake…

Anyway, after our coffee we decided to go to a couple of the local thrift stores and vintage shops.  We found several treasures – she found a lot of fantastic clothes – tall brown boots with sherpa lining from the 70’s, a gorgeous Ann Taylor skirt and a killer reddish brown leather coat with 1/2 sleeves — I almost wrestled her for that but I resisted because she was jealous of my cool bags.  A Ralph Lauren chaps houndtooth check tote and this awesome green alligator bag.  Garrison’s mom got me a green alligator bag for Christmas (that I absolutely love) but it is only for “date nights” because it can’t hold all of the diapers/wipes/cheerios/sippi cups/books/toys/broken crayons/mints/wallet/cell phone/chapstick/lotion/late library books/used tissues that I usually tote around.  Now I can have a chic one for fancy nights out with my love and a bigger one for fancy daytrips to Target with the kiddos.  The light was bad while taking the pics, but you get the idea.  I also got an embroidered village scene footstool for $4.00.  Garrison will hate it, but I just couldn’t resist it.  It was too funny.  Perhaps if you’re really lucky you will get to see a picture of that too someday. 

chaps.jpg   green1.jpg