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crafty afternoon

Teeny Tiny Fairy Tale Felt creatures

crafting 046

crafting 048

crafting 049

SnowGirl with a knitted scarf and  a present that actually opens up to reveal a tiny gift

crafting 050

A hat for a sweet new baby

crafting 002

And a sweet daughter who loves crafting with Mommy

crafting 023

crafting 029


crafting 053

A new necklace (and a proud 2 year old!)

crafting 055


Some Recent Projects

I am getting the painting bug again.  Last weekend I painted the bathroom from Boring White to…

may17 001

may17 005

may17 032may17 008


~~~~~~~~~~~and I recently sent off this little pillow to baby Lucy in Texas (and since I know it has safely arrived there I can put some pics up here!)

may17 056

may17 057

may17 054

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and a new summer dress for little Miss Claudia, who saw the fabric at JoAnn’s and kept saying Pooh?  Pooh dress?  Pooh dress?  So instead of finishing the curtains for the newly painted bathroom, I stitched this up.  The curtains are Almost done….

may17 048

may17 049

may17 052

still winter

I was hoping that spring was Really Springing, but here we are getting another big round of snow.  Oh well, it’s a good excuse for Butterfinger Hot Chocolate.  Yum.  Although, I couldn’t find it the last time I was at the store…hmmm….maybe that gets phased out when bathing suits are getting phased in!?!?

A few weekends ago G took the kids to a winter festival – sledding in the closed off street, snowball throwing contests, hot chocolate, etc…so that I could have a Day To Myself.  Pure Bliss. 


I had this stack of fabric that I had purchased on a whim – not really knowing what I was going to do with it – calling out to me…I was thinking funky spring skirts at first, but then decided I wanted to see the fabric more often than that. 



I started the day by making these curtains for my craft bookshelf.  In an effort to stay more organized (and so that there aren’t always piles of supplies on my dining room table) I moved this bookshelf into the dining room.  She needed a little dressing up though, no?  So far it is keeping me much more organized, and it makes me happy to see the cheery 70’s like fabric.



Then I went to the movie theater – at noontime – to see a movie, By Myself!  I bought my ticket, my popcorn and my giant soda and went in and picked out a seat to the movie Coraline.  It was a beautiful movie (but would have scared the pants off of my kids – I know it’s supposed to be a kids movie, but yikes (!) kids getting their eyeballs stolen and buttons sewn on instead…).  I was there for about 5 minutes when my phone vibrated (I had turned the sound off like a good movie-goer should!) with a text message that the kids had tired out already and they had all come home at 1:00 instead of 6:00.  So instead of a Whole Day to myself, I got a few hours, but it was still wonderful!

~Here is Claudia modeling the strings of flocked beads that she found on my -not yet organized – shelves…

blog-0622 blog-0632

February Crafting

So, this month’s creative challenge theme over at Mo’s was “gifts for children”.  I have had such a fun time making things (and making messes!) for some of the little people (and soon to arrive little people!) in my life.


First off, I started with this knitted hat.  Which as soon as I finished, Claudia grabbed and declared it  “MINE“, in that classic 2 year old way.  So, out came the knitting needles and I quickly knitted up hat #2.  I Love this pattern and see many of these hats in my future.



Next came this sweet little Stroller Blanket – Warm Fuzzy Fleece on one side and this darling Romantic cotton print on the front.  I like that the colors aren’t screaming traditional GIRL or BABY.


blog-040 blog-042

Those lovely ladies do seem like they’re having a nice time…


On Valentine’s Day, Edison and I worked on the next project together – Crayon hearts.  My kids hate to use broken crayons, so we save them up until we have enough bits and pieces to melt together into molds.  The hearts were perfect for February.  They’re fun to color with because you never really know what color will land on your paper next!  oooo Surprise Surprise!




I also made a few bibs with scrap fabric that I had – embroidering one of them (because everything is better with a little embroidery, right?)  And those little ladies made an encore appearance…

blog-036 blog-037


And last, but not least, I hand stitched up this little guy while watching a movie last night.  Claudia quickly dubbed him “Twinkle” and added him to her collection of best friends.  I can imagine a little fleet of these to watch over nurseries everywhere.  And So Baby Friendly!


The Full Collection….


adding the fun in Monday…

What to do when there is no school on a Monday and it’s cold outside and we’re all feeling a bit lazy snuggly and stay at home-ish and wanting to play with new friends….

Make your own friends!!!  Here are some of our fingerpuppet animal aliens…

blog-129 blog-1301

Checking themselves out in the mirror….


She works hard for the money

OK, so in the spirit of trying to make a living whilst still being a stay at home mom, I FINALLY got around to listing some of my jewelry onto my Etsy shop (as opposed to just buying things on Etsy, maybe now I’ll sell a few things).  Handmade greeting cards to be listed soon, but the kiddos are a’calling and so I must stop for now….

But here is a preview of what is listed…and if you want to see it all, head on over to My shop’s name is “jumpCricket” 

etsy-001  etsy-016


Oh and I got my first phone call inquiry about piano lessons – hooray!  No definite student yet, because they didn’t have an instrument to practice on – so I advised them where to look for a piano and they are going to search and give me a call back once they get one!   Keeping my fingers crossed…the first student is always the most difficult to come by.

Nate Berkus would be proud…

Since governmental cabinets are currently getting ready to change, I thought I’d celebrate democracy by painting my own cabinets.  You know, when people tell you that painting cabinets is a horrible job, you can believe them.  I tested it out.  Yep, hard work.  I spent 3 full days into the wee hours of the night (mornings?) changing the kitchen cabinets from the color of cat vomit to a much nicer modern black.  I am sooooooo thrilled though with the change.  My red appliances no longer clash with the fleshy cabinets.  And I no longer feel like I need pepto-bismal while working in the kitchen….

Here’s a shot of the aforementioned cat-vomit colored cabbies…


And Then……………………


After……[and some more shots of the after….]


Next up in the kitchen (after Christmas!) is to retile the floor and paint the walls.  But for now I am just going to sit back and enjoy the cabinets…